We’re that crazy married couple who work together and love hanging out with you every weekday from 6 – 9 am on KGBI! I (Jill) grew up in Decatur, IL, and Jeremy hails from Montgomery County, MD near Washington DC. We met each other in January of 2000 (Can’t believe it’s been more than 20 years now!) at a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina, and were married a year later. We have a witty, creative, and amazing daughter Alyssa who’s heading to high school in the fall. – When did THAT happen?! We also have a sweet, cuddly Tabby named Tibby. And the newest addition to our family is our sweet Solo, a Chihuahua/King Charles Spaniel mix.

We moved to Omaha from Peoria, Illinois in 2019. So, anything you think we need to know about this incredible city, please don’t hesitate to share. And, if we say a town or road name wrong, PLEASE let us know!

One thing we’re not? Perfect. The only good you’ll see or hear in us and in our marriage comes from God alone! And that’s the stuff we love to celebrate: what God is doing… in our hearts, in your heart, and throughout the Heartland. Got a story? Give us a call or shoot us a text at (402) 342-KGBI (5424). We love talking with you!

Now back to our pizza and Disney+.

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