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Mornings with the Traceys

Weekday Mornings 6 - 10 am

We’re that crazy married couple who work together and love hanging out with you every weekday from 6 – 9 am on KGBI! I (Jill) grew up in Decatur, IL, and Jeremy hails from Montgomery County, MD near Washington DC. We met each other in January of 2000 (Can’t believe it’s been more than 20 years now!) at a radio station in Charlotte,…

Blog Posts

Lauren Banik

Weekdays 10 am - noon

I grew up in Omaha, and am a mom of three lovely teenage girls…wait, did I mention they were teenagers? Being married to my husband Jason, a hunter, means we have a lot of extra eyes staring back at us in the house. Our Golden Retriever, Charlie, also stares at us, but he’s alive and well and not hanging on a wall. I started in radio a number…

Summer Shepherd

Weekdays Noon - 3 pm

It’s funny how God brings you to where you’re meant to be, doing what you’re meant to be doing, at just the right time. I spent much of my life entrenched in theater- acting, directing, writing. Creative storytelling was my passion, but I had never considered radio. It was until accidentally falling into it while a student at the Moody…

Afternoon Unwind with Bruce Otto

Weekdays 3 - 7 pm

My family and I moved to Omaha from Illinois in late 2019. I am married to Courtney and we have 3 teenagers, Maggie, Caroline, and Charlie. Sherman, our lovable 90 pound Golden Doodle, is also part of the family and keeps us laughing. After graduating from college with a degree in Mass Communication, I worked at Christian radio stations…

Nick Kalina

Weekdays 7 - 10 pm

Hi, I’m Nick.  I’m a husband and dad doing my best to raise my three kids and bless my wife.  We love to camp as a family and be outdoors.  Our favorite family game is “Guess the Theme Song.” I invented it. I got into radio (well – I didn’t really get into it as much as God put me in it) after working as a pastor…

Sunday Mornings with Suzanne

Sunday mornings 8 - 11 am

As the mom of two 20-something sons, my husband Alan I and are transitioning to the “empty nest” in this 28th year of our marriage. I love Omaha and after counting up more than 20 addresses in my lifetime I’ve asked God to PLEASE not make me put my things in a box ever again. I hope to grow in my faith until my last breath. -Work in progress…

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