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100.7 KGBI window stickers

They won’t help speed up your commute or keep someone else from cutting you off in traffic, but the 100.7 KGBI window stickers do help you spread the word about 100.7 KGBI. We’ll send you one when you fill out this form!

Let us know below which color scheme you’d prefer!


white car with a 100.7 window sticker on the window.KGBI Window sticker on back of a car

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Nick Kalina

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Following God’s will when things get really hard

Today's conversation centers on Monte Gannon, the pastor of Meadows Church in the Omaha Metro. Monte's path to God and, eventually, to Omaha wasn't easy, but he knew coming here was part of the plan for his life.


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Nick Kalina
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Nick Kalina

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