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Marketing on 100.7 KGBI is uniquely focused through underwriting and program sponsorship to help you reach our audience.  Underwriting allows you to become a part of the KGBI listeners day by sharing a 15 second message of support.  Only four messages happen per hour on KGBI giving you more opportunity to stand out and grow the impact of KGBI.

As our Impact Partner, we invite you to walk alongside the ministry of KGBI. You will reach a loyal, family-centered, Christian audience while supporting the ministry and mission of KGBI. Our female-based radio station listener is concerned about her family, her finances, her fitness and her faith walk.

Listeners trust 100.7 KGBI to provide uplifting and encouraging content throughout the day. By becoming an Impact Partner, your message implies that your organization or business shares similar values; that is a powerful endorsement. For more information contact Nick Kalina at 402-346-1007 or fill out the form below.

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