Difference Makers in the Heartland

100.7 KGBI loves introducing you to people in the Heartland who are making a difference as they serve our community. Here’s a list of recent non-profit organizations you’ve heard featured recently. Maybe you can find a group to serve with in your area. Thanks for bringing HOPE!


11/15/21 – 11/21/21

Campus ministry that helps mentor and lead kids to Christ.

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Bridgeway Ministries

11/08/21 – 11/14/21

Prison Ministry. Helps those inside, and helps them acclimate to the outside when they get out.

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Least of my Brethren

11/01/21 – 11/07/21

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Fresh Hope

10/25/21 – 10/31/21

When hopeless people have a safe place to process their pain, and faith-filled hope is modeled and shared, they become hope-filled and thrive (in spite of their mental health challenge).

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Project Hope

10/18/21 – 10/24/21

Food, clothing, and other needs pantry. Our food pantry is a choice pantry available to families once every 30 days.We offer fruits, vegetables, breads, meat and dairy products.

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Empty Tomb

10/11/21 – 10/17/21

Their mission is to teach the Gospel to “anyone who will listen” They are ministry focused.

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Rejuvenating Women

10/02/21 – 10/10/21

Providing hope and restoration for victims and survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with the girls and women who are deeply traumatized by meeting her right where she is at in life. We help them restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Office Number: 1-800-402-0601

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Step Up to Life

9/20/21 – 9/27/21

Helps provide training and resources to new leaders in their Christian life. Including booklets and other items to prepare for one’s spiritual journey.

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Micah House

09/13/21 – 09/19/21

On a mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment with support services for families and individuals experiencing the crisis of homelessness. MICAH House will help to end homelessness by restoring hope to families and individuals while preserving family unity; empowering all to live independently and free from the crisis of homelessness through community support and collaboration.

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Salvation Army Winter Night Watch Program

09/06/21 – 09/12/21

Our mobile food distribution trucks patrol Omaha’s streets from early December through the end of February, making multiple stops in areas where homeless people congregate to offer hot meals and winter outerwear to anyone in need. Shifts are approximately three hours, during which volunteers drive the trucks or distribute hot meals, beverages and winter clothing to those who come by.

Volunteers must be older than age 18 and able to lift 20 pounds and stand for 40 minutes at a time (Youth ages 14-18 can participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times; the parent/guardian must sign up for a volunteer slot as well). Volunteer drivers must complete an MVR form and a one-hour driving course and be approved by The Salvation Army.

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08/23/21 – 08/29/21

Together’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness in the Omaha community. Together helps individuals and families through two main programs, The Horizons Program and The Nourish Program.

Phone: (402) 345-8047

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Set Me Free Project

08/16/21 – 08/22/21

The Set Me Free Project was founded on the belief that every person can take a stand against human trafficking. Using research-based methods, our READY to Stand curriculum engages participants in meaningful and fun activities designed to inform and empower. Our READY to Stand Curriculum offers age-appropriate presentations for learners of all ages.

Phone: (402) 521-3080

Email: Info@setmefreeproject.net

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City Sprouts

08/09/21 – 8/15/21

Works with Omaha-area residents, volunteers, and interns to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs using environmentally responsible and sustainable gardening techniques in our community gardens and urban farm.

Phone: (402) 504-1910

Email: info@omahasprouts.org

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Birthright is committedto providing confidential, non-judgmental support to any woman who is pregnant or thinks she might be pregnant, no matter her age, race, circumstances, religion, marital status or financial situation. Birthright is a charitable organization that relies on the dedication, time and talents of volunteers and the generosity of donations to ensure it can persevere in supporting pregnant women.

Hotline: 1 (800) 550-4900

Phone: (416) 469-4789

Email: Contact@birthright.org

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Table Grace

Table Grace Ministries fosters healthy community by offering great food prepared and served with dignity and providing opportunities for transformation both personally and spiritually through hospitality, music and fellowship.

Phone: (402) 965-1276

Email: mweber@tablegraceministries.org

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C.O.P.E. -Christian Outreach Program Elkhorn

7-19-21 – 7/25/21

Helps families stay in their homes and keep food on the table by providing financial assistance, caring concern, educational assistance and referrals when needed most

Phone: (402) 616-2330

Email: help@copeinfo.org 

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Cross Training Center

7/12/21 – 7/18/21

To equip unemployed and undereducated adults through vocational training and job experience so they can attain employment and become financially successful.

Phone: (402) 590-2100

For training: jeff@crosstc.com

For social hall rental: leanne@crosstc.com

For auto donations: brenda@crosstc.com

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Save the Mommies

7/5/21 – 7/11/21

Mission to save Moms from pregnancy related heart issues.

Fill out contact form here

Email: contact@savethemommies.com

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Good News Bears

6/28/21 – 7/4/21

Club used to create a positive influence in children ages 4-17. There are field Trips, games, activities, awards, ect.

Phone: (402) 457-7820

Email: NOGNBs@gmail.com

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Hand of Hope

6/21/21 – 6/27/21

Helps those who have been effected by natural disasters (resources and volunteer building).

Fill out contact form here

Email: HandOfHopeOmaha@gmail.com

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Krok Center

6/14/21 – 6/20/21

Faith based movement that works with The Salvation Army, with a building for classes and activities.

Phone: (402) 905-3500

Email: Omaha.kroccenter@usc.salvationarmy.org

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Chance Bouquets

6/7/21 – 6/13/21

Uses flowers donated to them from weddings and other events to enrich those in nursing homes or hospitals.

Phone: (402) 880-8476

Email: secondchancebouquets@gmail.com

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Scatter Joy Acres

5/31/21 – 6/6/21

Scatter Joy Acres is a ranch ministry complete with a public petting zoo. They are a rescue organization.

Phone: (402) 709-9401


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Children’s Square

5/24/21 – 5/30/21

Programs that include counseling, emergency services for children, early childhood care, foster care, and residential treatment and education for children with serious emotional and behavioral disorders. Including family interaction programs to help restore lives and offer hope for a successful future.

Main Campus:(712) 322-3700

Children’s Center: (712) 325-1662

Omaha Foster Care: (402) 556-6765

AfterCare: (712) 225-9061

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Within Reach

5/17/21 – 5/23/21

A collaborative network of local churches, and church leaders that serve together to plant and grow churches. As well as help develop leaders.

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Impact Hill

5/10/21 – 5/16/21 (Iowa Based)

Creates a safe, positive, and welcoming environment for the recreational, educational, social, cultural advancement for all, through the restoration and redevelopment of the historic Riverside HS building.

Phone: (402) 807-5287

Email: impacthill2017@gmail.comor

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Life Runners

5/03/21 – 5/09/21

World’s largest pro-life team. “Teammates” that wear their witness. “To Remember the Unborn.” Running is optional, the t-shirt is required.

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Christian Heritage

4/26/21 – 5/02/21

Foster Care system that focuses on a Christ centered approach to raising children in hard places. Nebraska based.

Lincoln Address:

14880 Old Cheney Rd
Walton, NE 68461

Phone: (402) 421-5437

Fax:  (402) 421-5438

Omaha Address:

Herd Building 2nd Floor
4343 N 52nd St
Omaha, NE 68104

Phone: (402) 421-5437

Fax: (402) 884-5745

Kearney Address:

10635 1st Ave N
Kearney, NE 68847

Phone: (402) 421-5437

Fax: (308) 236-8992

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Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

4/17/21 – 4/25/21

Carol Joy Holling Camp – Summer Camp that focuses on ministry. Overnight Camps, family camps, special needs camps, day camps.

Contact them here

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Nebraska Strong Recovery Project

4/5/21 – 4/12/21

Outreach program working with individuals, families, and communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska Rural Response Hotline: (Monday-Friday 8-5pm) 1 (800) 464-0258

Nebraska Family Helpline: (24/7) 1 (888) 866-8660

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Angels Among Us

3/29/21 – 4/4/21

Provides emotional and financial support to families battling pediatric cancer.

Executive Director, Suzie Nelson’s office number: (402) 934-0999

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Hope to the Hopeless

3/22/21 – 3/21-21

Program that brings an associate’s degree in Christian Ministry to Inmates at the Nebraskan State Penitentiary (Run through Crown College.

Email Steven Scott (Founder): StevenScott278@Yahoo.com

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Ratio Christi

3/15/21 – 3/21/21

Campus ministry that does apologetics for high school and college students.

Email Westley Farewell: UNL@RatioChristi.org

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