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Elizabeth’s story

I grew up in church and knew God. I got married and years went by, 3 kids, and I found myself in a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage. I didn’t know where to turn. I found some help online and realized abuse was going on. I was at my breaking point and ready to leave my husband. I was such in a bad mindset and ended up having an…

Holly’s story

My daughter was diagnosed with PNES a month ago. She is 14, an over achiever, straight-A student who expects perfection from herself. This year has been a very hard one, she is not reaching the goals she has set for herself. Our community has come together to raise awareness and funds for medical expenses. So many people have reached…

Shane’s story

As a kid growing up in a dysfunctional, upper-class home, I never knew Christ or the power of His love. I soon found my refuge in drugs and alcohol and a lifestyle of my own dysfunction and pain. After all, hurting people hurt people. I moved to Omaha to start over. I got sober and received Christ as Lord and Savior on my knees in a car wash…

Steven’s story

I was once in prison myself, however, after reading the bible while imprisoned, I found a new purpose in life. Since that time, my life has completely changed. I am now an elder of a church, happily married and have a beautiful daughter with a son on the way. This is all because of the relationship I formed with Christ. I wanted to help…

Brittany’s story

My daughter is a osteosarcoma survivor she was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 6 they told us it hadn’t spread and she was the youngest case they’ve seen in Nebraska. After 42 rounds of chemotherapy and a few surgeries, a whole year and 3 months have passed she’s CANCER FREE and is adjusting to her rotationplasty and prosthetic…

Courtney’s story

As you know, audio content carries great impact! It’s a consumable resource you can use while multitasking. Mid-2020, God said yes to a project He’s spent a whole lifetime cultivating within me– a podcast creatively telling the stories of the Bible. It’s not quite the Dead Sea Scrolls but it IS a modern…

Mary’s story

It happened 16 years ago when I was in labor with my beautiful son Ian. The pregnancy was hard, I spent most of it on bedrest to avoid miscarriage. The day of the birth the doctor did not come right away as expected but rather stayed at his residence to monitor me from there. I was okay with that at first, but halfway through the labor there…

Charlotte’s story

Well my story is from about 20+ years ago. My husband Joe and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage and, honestly, we were not sure if it would last. Joe has always been a believer. He grew up in the Church and is a follower of Christ. I have always believed but was more interested in having fun and drinking A LOT. My mother-in-law…

Lynne’s story

In 2005, I had weight loss surgery. The first year the weight just came off easily and I ended up losing 125 pounds. Then the weight loss stopped and my nutritional and vitamin values dropped to an unhealthy range. In year three, I experienced the first set of four hernias. I had surgery to remove them and ended up a week later with a blood…

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