If you felt like making it to the end of December was a hard, breathless sprint at the end of a tumultuous, uphill marathon … you are not alone! It seems that no matter how hard we try to keep things simple, the holidays can be stressful. Add all the other demands of life, and we’re talking pure exhaustion.

When over-scheduling and stress become the norm, every part of our lives can suffer, including our mental health and our relationship with God. So here’s an invitation for all of us to begin this year by taking a breath. (Go ahead and take one right now … it feels good doesn’t it?) And, if we start 2023 from a place of rest, maybe we can improve our year by building in some margin to our days, weeks, and months.

To encourage us in our quest for rest, Bruce and Nichole will be talking with Dr. Melissa Mork each week during the Afternoon Unwind, starting January 9. Dr. Mork is a psychology professor at the University of Northwestern – St Paul, speaker, podcaster, and author. She will have some helpful insights on the benefits of establishing some margin in life. They’ll also be getting some tips from some experts at Spence Counseling Center in Omaha, the sponsors of the Quest for Rest in 2023. On Mornings with the Traceys, Jill and Jeremy will give away Rest Quest Packs weekdays at 7:15 am. Those packs will be filled with tools to help you take a break, breathe, and focus on the peace found only in Christ when things start to become a little overwhelming. In them, you’ll find a book of prayers for rest, a Lion of Judah print featuring the names of Jesus from a local artist, a selection of herbal teas, and more!

Listen to Bruce and Nichole’s interviews here:

Friday, Jan 6 – Mark Miller, Clinical Director of Spence Counseling Center

Monday, Jan 9 – Dr. Melissa Mork, Professor of Psychology at University of Northwestern – St. Paul

Friday, Jan 13 – Megan Dreyer, counselor at Spence Counseling Center in Omaha and Council Bluffs

Monday, Jan 16 – Dr. Mork with signs that you’re overwhelmed and stressed due to too little margin

Wednesday, Jan 18 – Danielle Maly, Spence Counseling Center, on different kinds of rest

Monday, Jan 23 – Dr. Melissa Mork on how to create the margin we need in our lives

Friday, Jan 24 – Bob Broekemeier, counselor at Spence Counseling Center in Omaha on ways to find rest, starting by connecting with Jesus

Monday, Jan 30 – Dr. Mork on who might be more likely to overcommit and how to say no

And here are some other resources you can check out right now, including a quiz to test your current stress level.