Have you been wanting to get healthier this year? Maybe you even made a goal to get in shape or eat better, but you’re struggling to get started or having a tough time sticking with it.

You are NOT alone!

Why not make this the summer you finally take that first step? If you need a goal to work toward and some people to cheer you on, you could join Jill and Jeremy from Mornings with the Traceys as they train for a 5K in Omaha this August!

Here’s a Couch to 5K plan app you can download. And, you can sign up for the KGBI Team for the Creighton 5K here. The run/walk is happening Saturday, August 27 at Chalco Hills Recreation Area at Wehrspann Lake in Omaha. Just be sure to choose “Group Registration” for the 5K and, when filling out your personal information, there is a drop-down menu on #4 of the registration form where you can select “KGBI Team” to join us! To get 10% off your registration fee, use the Discount Code: KGBI. 

6 Responses to "We’re on our way to getting healthy!"

  • Sarah says:

    I think it’s so great that you’re doing this. I still clearly remember how/why I started running 20+ years ago. I’ve had some seasons where I didn’t run but I always come back to it (walking is great too!). I hope your station doing this motivates lots of people to be more healthy! It’s so important to exercise and all you need to get started is a pair of shoes and motivation/dedication

    1. jmtracey says:

      So true, Sarah! Thanks for the motivation. What was it that made you start running 20 years ago? – Jill, Mornings with the Traceys ☼

  • Norma Martinez says:

    I will like to be part of this project
    To be more healthy and shape! Thanks ❤️

    1. jmtracey says:

      Perfect, Norma! You can join the KGBI team for the Creighton 5K benefitting Make-a-Wish Nebraska on Aug 27 (see instructions above) or just let us know what you’re doing to get healthy this summer! – Jill, Mornings with the Traceys ☼

  • DLStephens says:

    I registered for the C25K in August. I might only walk but would be great if I could jog a little and get healthier and in better shape. I don’t even know how far 5K is but I’m on the KGBI team. Joshua 1:9

    1. jmtracey says:

      Hi, Doris! Yep, we see that you’re on our list. That’s awesome!!! Oh, and by the way, a 5K is 3.11 miles. I’ll be walking, and Jeremy hopes to run it. But you can do whatever you’re most comfortable with or a little of each! 🙂 Thanks for joining the KGBI team and you’ll be hearing more from us as we get closer to August 27! – Jill, Mornings with the Traceys ☼

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