My daughter was diagnosed with PNES a month ago. She is 14, an over achiever, straight-A student who expects perfection from herself. This year has been a very hard one, she is not reaching the goals she has set for herself. Our community has come together to raise awareness and funds for medical expenses. So many people have reached out to her, to me, and given us hope that, even though this is not curable, it is treatable and life will get better. We have a a great God moment knowing that their are others who suffer like she does and she is not alone. Learning that we are not alone in our journey to find our new “normal” gives us more hope than anyone could imagine.

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  • jmtracey says:

    Oh, Holly, this must be SO difficult. Thank you for sharing with the KGBI Community so we can be praying for you and your precious girl and thank you for sharing how your friends and family and possibly even many people you don’t know are reaching out to remind you that they are with you through this. You truly are NOT alone, friend. Prayers!!!! – Jill Tracey, Mornings on 100.7 KGBI ☼

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