In 2005, I had weight loss surgery. The first year the weight just came off easily and I ended up losing 125 pounds. Then the weight loss stopped and my nutritional and vitamin values dropped to an unhealthy range. In year three, I experienced the first set of four hernias. I had surgery to remove them and ended up a week later with a blood clot and was back in the hospital for a week and a half. I was released the day before Thanksgiving and the next day my husband moved to Barksdale AFB for his last two years of his service before he retired. I stayed strong during my recovery only by the Grace of God! There were many days I did not think I would be able to go on but we made it through. The summer of the next year, three more hernias developed and this time the doctor placed a 12×10 mesh in my abdomen. Not four months later, I started getting sick again. I did not feel good and was in extreme pain every day.

By 2014, I had a mental breakdown caused by my health. I was off work for 2.5 months only to be let go 6 months later. I had no idea what was causing me to be mentally unstable. I could not remember things, was very moody, brain fog was awful and that was in addition to the daily pain.

Five years later, my sister started experiencing the same symptoms. She had many medical tests (like me) and all came back negative. Finally after many months of research, she realized her body was rejecting her breast implants. So, she had an explant and that made things better for her.  I told my doctor about my sister’s issues and that I believed my body was rejecting the mesh that was in my abdomen from the hernia repair. He agreed and immediately set up a surgery to remove it. In September 2019, my removal was scheduled. Thank God!

I almost died waiting for that removal surgery! My body was going down quickly. I was tired. There were days that I do not remember driving to work and back home, I honestly felt like the brain fog was taking over my body and mind. And it was! Two days before my surgery, I almost killed myself as I did not know how I could go on. I cried out to God to take the pain away and help me get through the next two days, so I could be here for my family and grandkids. I prayed and prayed that the removal would get here so I could start living again. God provided! God was there!  I wanted to give up. But God would not let me. He told me it would all be ok and that He had me! And HE DID!

Going on a year and a half after my mesh removal, I am slowly regaining my composure and thoughts. God has been there for me and my family always! When I needed Him, He answered. Maybe not in my timing, but the answers were always delivered.

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