My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for over a year. we finally got pregnant but then suffered a miscarriage one week before Mother’s Day. We have then done multiple infertility treatments and so far no luck.  I was such a negative and angry person. I was so unhappy that I wouldn’t even let myself be happy for others. a friend reccomended the devotional book “in due time” and it has changed my life.

I think it reminded me what I should be focusing on. I was jealous of others getting pregnant (and trust me, everyone and their dog are getting pregnant). Being jealous means you don’t think you will ever achieve that. I needed to remember to place my hope in God.

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  • Felicity Kramer says:

    That is so cool!!

  • rspry says:

    Infertility is such a hard thing to endure. Me and my wife struglled with the same issues. Till God led us to infertility specialists in our area. We weren’t promised success but God came through in HIS own way. He always gets the glory and honor in all situations.

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