The question was obvious enough to make even a six-year-old say “DUH, Aunt Rachel!” Find out what it was with Kid Logic story. 

Kid Logic – Sleep with the fishes

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2 Responses to "Kid Logic – Sleep with the fishes"

  • Ruth Ehler says:

    Back in the 90s, our family was sponsoring a family who lived in Bosnia. We always read their letters to our children. In one of their letters they told how their 3 year old was now learning French at preschool. We told our daughter, Karen who was 6 at the time, that their daughter had already learned Serbian and of coarse knew English. Therefore she was going to know 3 languages.
    “Wow, our daughter explained, and I don’t know even 1 yet!”

    1. jmtracey says:

      OH, that is so cute, Ruth! Do you mind telling me what city you live in? Thanks! – Jill Tracey, Mornings

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