How do you guys work together?! Yes, my wife Jill and I wake up at 4:30 am Monday through Friday and host a radio show together. Crazy…I know!! It takes a lot of work, but I truly believe it’s been good for us. Here are 3 things I’ve learned from working with my wife that I think you can apply to your marriage and learn to love better:

Love is dealing with your junk – Doing a show with my wife has forced me to ask questions like…Why am I feeling insecure? Is it how Jill said something to me, or is it something else? Why did I react so harshly? To work effectively with my wife, I’ve had to face myself in the mirror over and over again. Often my emotional reaction has less to do with her and more to do with something in me. Wanna love those around you better? Love yourself by dealing with the hurts from your past and digging into what really makes you tick. Your loved ones will thank you.

Love is communication – When I’m sitting across from Jill at six in the morning and have to talk on the radio, I can’t allow conflict to go unsettled (yes there is conflict)! We need to keep communication open and flowing. Are you feeling something isn’t quite right in your relationship? Don’t stuff it…work through it. The more you talk through things, the easier it will get and the less time it will take.

Love isn’t comparing – Jill and I have talked to enough marriage experts and music artists to know no one has it all together. Yep, when you hear them on the radio or watch them on stage, they seem to say all the right things, but they’re a work in progress just like you. Be gentle to you and those you love. Everyone will always have something to work on, but don’t judge them too harshly. And, don’t wish they were like “so and so,” who seems to be the ideal spouse…because you never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. Love the person God gave you to share all the ups and downs of this journey we call life!

Finally, love is coffee, laughing together, and embracing God’s amazing love for you and your spouse! My prayer for you is that you can celebrate well together on this Valentine’s Day.

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  • Anonymous says:

    What you wrote is so true many men and women don’t face their past they bring it into their marriage and they think that it can withstand time but you have to deal with the things in your life and go on don’t dwell on your past you can’t change it but you can change your future for the better God loves us and we should love him and listen to what he wrote in the Bible to better our lives thank you be blessed love Dawn an avid KGB Lister

    1. Jill Tracey says:

      Hi, Dawn! Thank you so much for reading Jeremy’s thoughts here and for listening to Mornings with the Traceys on 100.7 KGBI. You’re so right…forget what is behind us and press on to what is ahead!

  • Cheryl says:

    I love listening to you guys. I love how you open up to us about your everyday life. You listen to us as callers and you keep it real. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for giving me inspiration for my days.

    1. Jill Tracey says:

      Oh, no, Cheryl thank YOU for listening. It is an honor to share your morning drive with you!

  • Tim Rodgers says:

    Words of wisdom,, Jeremy, and I’ll bet less sleeping on the proverbial couch as a result.
    Anaïs Nin is usually attributed with the saying ” We don’t see things as THEY are, but as WE are”. I believe it falls in line with your comment about dealing with our own junk. Our past, our environment, and our egos shape the way we act and react. Once I started dealing with my own mess, any arguments and conflict with my wife started to dwindle. Half the time, I was offended by something said because of my perception of something said, and I usually misunderstood or took it out if context from what was truly being said.
    The open communication and talking through it helps as well. Instead of stuffing it, ( and I learned to be a supreme stuffer from an early age), makes it sit in the guts and rot things, instead of discussing it and finding out where the issue lies. Being open and honest, though sometimes tougher than a fib or a :white lie”, is best in the end.
    Christ also talked about judging. He didn’t come into the world to judge the world, but to save the world. How often did He come across Pharisees trying to trick Him with some sinner, only to have Him show mercy and grace, not judging, as we all are judged with the same measure we judge others.
    When I judge others, and stop to think about it, it almost NEVER is something I haven’t done before, and so makes me rethink the “why” behind it, and I usually find a selfish motive or reasoning behind it .
    And finally, COFFEE, especially after long nights helping our son recovery from his palate repaor surgery on Feb 14th, at 530am, is close in ranking to God’s love for us. However, His Peace, strength, and compassion totally whomp coffee, though I appreciate that as well.
    God is good, and Love. You all at 100.7 help us every day remember that, and it is appreciated.
    Have a blessed day

    Timothy, Emilie, Josie, and Isaac

    1. Jill Tracey says:

      Tim, thanks for your kind words. You guys have been through it. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  • Sheryl Larson says:

    Thanks Jill and Jeremy for your honesty and your encouragement and real life illustrations shared on KGBI!!! I am sooo grateful to have you guys to listen to and the music is uplifting and the talks from Max Lucado are great etc Thanks soooo much!!! S

    1. Jill Tracey says:

      Isn’t Max Lucado awesome? Thank you for your kind words, Sheryl, and thank you SO much for listening to Mornings with the Traceys on KGBI!

  • Catherine says:

    Thank you so much to my favorite radio host couple… for Inspiring us by sharing something so intimate and very important for marriage! I pray for marriages and family life every day! May God continue to bless all that you do together for his glory!🙏💝

    1. Jill Tracey says:

      OH, thank you so much, Catherine! Marriages are heavy on our hearts as well. So, we totally understand. May God bless you and your family richly!!!

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