We need your help making Christmas stockings!  Each year HELP Inc. in Omaha coordinates the making and filling of Christmas stockings to be distributed to local  county jails, prison and juvenile correction facilities.  The need is great, over 3,000 were delivered last year and that number has grown.

We have no idea how God can use a Christmas stocking. 

Joseph was being released in a few months and struggled with depression and doubt.  He said:

“I was beginning to believe that my praying and talking to God was in vein.  And just like that there was a knock at my cell door and one of the guards stood there broadcasting a red stocking and a pair of dimples that made me smile and sit up in my bed.  She said Merry Christmas and just like that the clouds disappeared and I heard God say, I KNOW YOUR NAME.”

That Christmas stocking gave Joseph hope.

Another prisoner wrote:

“I wish I could share with each of you the joy that your giving brought to this institution.  The men ran around like kids in a candy store, sharing with each other what they received.  Thanks for caring about those of us who believed we weren’t worth caring for anymore….we needed that.”

Grab your scissors, break out the sewing machine and dig out your Christmas material.

Completed stockings can be delivered directly to KGBI Studios or HELP, INC. 1941 S 42nd St, Suite 200, Omaha, NE  68105

Christmas Stocking Instructions (the facilities have strict guidelines)

–          Download and print the pattern

–          Use fabric with holiday patterns

–          Cut out with pinking shears

–          Sew with ¼ inch seam

–          No hem at the top

–          The seam stays on the outside

–          NO ribbon or embroidery or other embellishments

–          Please don’t fill the stocking. That will happen in November.

Pattern: Stocking Top (PDF)

Pattern: Stocking Bottom (PDF)