More than The Tonight Show or Comedy Central, Michael Jr. shares what he views as his big break into professional comedy.

“You know, my biggest break wasn’t The Tonight Show or Comedy Central. All that stuff is cool, but it actually wasn’t my biggest break. It wasn’t what a lot of people would think.”

“I was at a club in Los Angeles, before I took the stage I just simply had a change in mindset. I said a prayer actually and suddenly I had this change in mindset. The shift that took place was instead of trying to get laughs from people, I want to give them an opportunity to laugh. That right there changed everything. Because now I’m not looking to take. I’m looking for an opportunity to give.”

The comedian says this is a whole lot bigger than just telling jokes. It’s a shift that can revolutionize how we look at our relationships.

“If people just get a hold of this, it will change your life. It literally will.”

“In terms of a big break, when I shifted to what can I give to people, all of this other stuff just started showing up as a result of it.

Michael references a quote from Zig Ziglar,

“The best way to get what you want is to help enough other people get what they want.”

This understanding has shaped Michael’s professional career.

“That’s why all the shows, all the events I do, are completely different. Because I’m literally asking the question before I get there, before I take the stage, what can I give to people? What can I give them? So that understanding was my biggest break.”

Michael Jr. is the talented comedian whose gift has taken him to the stages of The Tonight Show & Jimmy Kimmel Live. He stars in the upcoming movie Selfie Dad & has also authored a children’s book!

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